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  • Bastide Potpourri Crystals and Display Case

Ambre d'Or Potpourri Scented Crystals with Display Case

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  • Details

    The ultimate gift to warm a home. Inspired by the terracotta tiles, a signature of Provence, our potpourri case is hexagonal, with panes of glass set against a faceted, brass frame.  The case displays the unique and natural beauty of the potpourri crystals while allowing the aroma to express into the air, casting a dreamy scent of Ambre throughout the room.  Paired with our signature Ambre d'Or Potpourri Crystals.

    Display Case Dimensions: 
    Base: 13cm  / 5.1 in
    Height: 16cm / 6.3 in


  • Soul

    Potpourri crystals made of the sap of the acacia tree, infused with an enchanting woody and sweet Ambre fragrance. Because these potpourri crystals are mixed by hand, the sizes of the stones vary in each and every box.


  • Notes

    Patchouli & sandalwood, with labdanum & sweet musk



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A mysterious scent to define, a memorable aroma to recall. In our heritage, the Cote Bastide Ambre collection commanded fans around the world for 25 years. Our evolved amber must balance sweetness and freshness with something elusive, nothing too simple, and never too much.

quintessential artisanal beauty

Rooted in Aix-en-Provence. Nurtured with pleasure, water, and sun.

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