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Article: How To Choose A Signature Summer Fragrance

How To Choose A Signature Summer Fragrance

How To Choose A Signature Summer Fragrance

All our senses are engaged and ignited during summer. From days spent on the beach to dining outdoors, the season simply feels good. And like any change, we grab for a different set of favorites—lighter meals and spritzes to complement our seaside jaunts and breezier scents that mix well with the summer heat.  

Bastide Lavande In Love Fragrance

There’s a science behind this phenomenon. Fragrances become more perceptible in high temperatures, as their molecules ascend and evaporate into the air more quickly. The more delicate, fresh scents you love are thus making more of an impact, while the heavier, smokier aromas you love in winter are now too overwhelming to wear. 

To be clear—you can absolutely wear whatever fragrance you like, no matter the season if that feels good to you.  But in case you’re on the hunt for your signature summer scent, we’ve got you covered with some expert-approved summer fragrance ideas.

Choose notes that channel summer’s trademarks.  

Nue Au Soleil Fragrance

Flowers, herbs, fruits—these natural ingredients take centerstage as summer blossoms. Reach for scents that embody what the season’s known for: our new fragrance Lavande In Love literally transports you to Provence with notes of French lavender, clary sage, rosemary, and a touch of sea salt. 

Boost any summer fragrance idea with a complementary lotion or body oil. 

Dry Oil

Scent circulates better because of the increase in evaporation their molecules experience in heat, but this also means that fragrance has a shorter life when applied to your skin. Make the aromas you love last all day by layering on a complementary lotion or body oil. Our Miel de Lavande Hand & Body Lotion and Dry Oil are the perfect boosters to a spritz of your favorite summer scent. 

Learn how to “brume” with help from our co-founder. 

Shirin Fragrance Bastide Boutique

Fragrance ascends, so our co-founder Shirin loves the “brume” style of applying fragrance, in which you spray scent on your waistband or even your legs. “Misting in ‘brume’ style is a great way to give you a hint of fragrance all over without being over-powering,” Shirin states. “Then it’s nice to dab a bit on your wrists and directly behind your ears as this helps the fragrance to last longer in all the right places! Misting is also great for those who are more sensitive to fragrance as this does not touch the skin. Moderation is key since a fragrance needs to be sophisticated and subtle to really have an impact. French women know that quality fragrance, delicately placed, enhances your sensuality and power.” 

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