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  • Bastide Ambre Maquis Eau de Toilette
  • Bastide Ambre Maquis Eau de Toilette

Ambre Maquis Eau de Toilette

$ 130.00
  • Soul

  • Scent

  • Notes

  • Soul

    Warm, sensual, and mysterious, this fragrance is complex, evoking the delicate dance between strangers and lovers. During a candlelit dinner on the terrace of the Bastide, two individuals are sitting across from one another. A loving couple, a growing passion, or an eternal friendship - we will never know... All we feel is the steadfast force of their connection.

    Available in: 100 ml / 10ml / 2 ml

    Made in France

  • Scent

    This warm and nuzzly fragrance fuses notes of Italian Tangerine and Elemi with patchouli, rich amber and creamy sandalwood. The total effect is enhanced with a textured fusion of clean rose and leathery labdanum and welcomes you into its embrace like the feeling of a soft cashmere blanket wrapped around your shoulders on a cool Mediterranean evening.

  • Notes

    Head: Italian tangerine, elemi

    Heart: Rose, labdanum

    Dry: Patchouli, amber, creamy sandalwood, light, water, and 

Bastide Ambre Maquis Eau de Toilette

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A mysterious scent to define, a memorable aroma to recall. In our heritage, the Cote Bastide Ambre collection commanded fans around the world for 25 years. Our evolved amber must balance sweetness and freshness with something elusive, nothing too simple, and never too much.

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quintessential artisanal beauty

Rooted in Aix-en-Provence. Nurtured with pleasure, water, and sun.

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