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Summer Love, Bottled: Meet Lavande In Love

French ingredients are a part of Bastide's DNA and there is none more classic to Provence than lavender.

For our latest fragrance, we were inspired by l'or bleu: blue gold, lavender's epithet in the region. It's a distinct and crisp scent that calls forth so many sweet memories for us. 

Bastide Lavande In Love Fragrance

Lavande In Love evokes the bastide's lavender fields bathed in sunlight. With notes of French frozen lime, earthy French lavender, and woodsy notes of clary sage and rosemary, this crisp aroma will become a favorite in your scent wardrobe.

As a balmy summer day comes to a close, the sunset’s rays set the bastide aglow from within. Two slow, calm heartbeats provide the peaceful soundtrack for barefoot exploring, while the light Provençal wind leads the wanderers closer together.

Lavande In Love Moodboard

Lavender dances on the walls as their quest concludes—their shadows serenaded by a faster, collective pulse. As evening grows nearer, they surrender to the lavender’s energy and aroma—the perfect tonic for bliss without end.

"The inspiration comes from the lavender fields around our bastide in Aix-en-Provence. Our fragrance is a combination of their natural organic beauty infused with the magnetism and intensity that comes from being madly in love. Vibrant and soothing. Natural and seductive. Perfectly imperfect." - Shirin, co-founder of Bastide

Lavande in Love adds a new chapter to the iconic story of lavender. We hope you'll indulge in begin your own love story with its irresistible scent.

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