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Article: A match for your search of Côté Bastide favorites

A match for your search of Côté Bastide favorites

A match for your search of Côté Bastide favorites

With 25 years of history, we are proud of Bastide’s deep, rich heritage.  We are especially inspired by the love and (dare we say) obsession that many of these products have garnered over the years. 

When our team began the project to refresh Bastide, we committed to making sure that all the product formulas would be authentic, delightful, and non-toxic.  We go to great lengths to work with artisan product experts – our Beautisans.  We also take great care of what is in (powerful natural ingredients indigenous to Provence) and what is out (absolutely nothing from our blacklist). 

Because of our approach of only working with Provence artisans, we could not recreate every product from the past 25 years of Côté Bastide in such a short time. As a result, some Côté Bastide products that you may have loved are not currently available. 

We receive questions about these beloved products daily, so we wanted to share some answers for those searching for their previous favorites.

Bastide Miel de Lavande Honey Lavender candle in handblown glass
Where are the old Côté Bastide room sprays?

The beloved room sprays were a gentle and lovely way to scent a space and to make it your own.

To create an ambiance, Bastide candles cast distinctive scents that will surely make you dream and travel. Presented in a keepsake, hand-blown bubble glass, each candle is individually unique.  Our favorite amber scented potpourri scented crystals are also a one-of-a-kind way to fragrance a room to create a warm ambiance and always a unique gift.  And of course, we are making refill oils to refresh the potpourri that will be available very soon.

Still committed to a room spray?  Not to worry, we are working on something very similar (but even better, at least we think so). Tell us what scents you’d like to have!

Bastide Ambre d'Or Potpourri Scented Crystals

Searching for shampoo and conditioner?

We do not make shampoo & conditioner at the moment. However, we are always working on new products and meeting with new artisanal makers.  Please feel free to write to us ( to let us know your ideas.

Bastide Neroli Lumiere Eau de Toilette Fragrance - orange blossom

If you loved…

Côté Bastide Argan, we invite you to try the new Ambre Soir.  Available in candles, soaps, and lotions, this amber is soothing and sweet – a great match for Argan fans.

Côté Bastide Tilleul – our new Neroli Lumiere also comes from a similar family of white flowers – orange blossoms balanced with wood notes.  Amazing in our natural body wash for summer months, this Neroli Lumiere scent is universally refreshing and addictive.

Côté Bastide Rose Ancienne – a unique interpretation of a traditional rose scent, our new Rose Olivier revives this approach with a modern, juicy, sparkling interpretation of a rose scent. Try it in sample size 2ml – complimentary on us!

Côté Bastide Fleurs d’Oranger – you can find the exact same scent in our Fleurs d’Oranger Hand Cream as well as our dry oil, bath salts and bath oil, the ultimate pair for a deep relaxation. 

Côté Bastide Jardin du Bonheur – the alluring scents of a garden is now refreshed in our new Miel de Lavande, a delicious blend of honey and lavender.

If you are still pining for something else that we haven’t mentioned here, please write us!  We read and respond to every email that comes our way, and we love hearing from you (really!).   

With love,
The Bastide Team


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