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Bastide Potpourri Made in Provence

Behind the Making of Our Scented Crystals

The wisdom and appreciation for craftsmanship gained from visiting Mr. Dulob—the long standing maker of our Bastide scented crystals—in his workshop and atelier is unmatched.  He has been making Ba...

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Bastide dry oil mist - Huile Sèche Épatante

Oil Painting Like a Bastide Beautisan

Ask our resident oil expert beautisan Myriam to describe her job, and she’ll tell you it’s so much more than thoughtfully concocting sumptuous, soothing, skin-loving formulas—a tall order in and of...

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Family-owned company carefully crafts Bastide creams

Three Generations of French Beauty and Savoir-Faire

Forty kilometers away from our Aix boutique, nestled in Carnoux-en-Provence, sits a family-owned gem of scientists and product formulators that have dedicated their craft to the love of Provence an...

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Bastide Miel de Lavande Candle

The Art of Candle Making

Bastide's candlemaker is a man of few words, but many talents. With his wife and business partner (we clearly are obsessed with family businesses), Guilhem oversees a team of fifteen experts de bou...

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Bastide Provence Soaps artisanally made with olive oil

Artisanal Provence Soap, Made by a Master Savonnier

Soaps have always been intimately linked to the history and culture of Provence. Perhaps because of its simplicity and its purity or because of its ability to create sensorial, experiential pleasur...

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