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"Welcome to Bastide: Where Beauty & Wellness Embrace the Essence of Provence."

BASTIDE [ba•steed],noun

Bastide is a lifestyle beauty brand celebrating Aix-en-Provence's terroir and extraordinary artisans.In Provence, a "Bastide" is defined as a traditional manor house made of terracotta walls, fragranced by seasonal aromas and fresh garden blooms, and filled with loved ones and cherished memories. Its sensorial products for skin, body, and home are all made in local workshops by artisans whose roots go generations deep. 

Bringing rituals of slow beauty into the rush of everyday life

The essence of Provence, and the soul of Bastide, is the desire to live simply and authentically, fed and nourished within and without. Let's redefine luxury as magical daily rituals to be savored instead of acquired.

Luxuriously Simple. Naturally Potent.

Provence is a limitless source of inspiration and creativity. Crafted with herbs, oils and honey, our unique formulas harness the richness and effectiveness of pure, natural ingredients from the region's lush terroir.

Clean. Responsibly Sourced. Cruelty Free

In line with our commitment to clean, toxin-free living, every product is consciously formulated with no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, silicone, sulfates, PEGs, mineral oil, glycol and gluten.

Our products are all made in Provence, France, using responsibly sourced ingredients and formulated by local artisans. We never test on animals, only ourselves.

True French Savoir-Faire

Crafted and nurtured with love & passion of local French artisans (we like to call them our “Beautisans”) - with their generations of unique expertise in using rich, potent, traditional ingredients and techniques.

A Provençal Guide to Aromatherapy at Home

A Provençal Guide to Aromatherapy at Home

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Eric Garcin - Lavender Harvester

#LaVieBastide with Eric Garcin, the Lavender Harvester

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How To Choose A Signature Summer Fragrance

How To Choose A Signature Summer Fragrance

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Our Iconic Products

Carefully designed for your skin, body, and the cozy sanctuary of home, our products will transport you to the essence of Provence.