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Your 5-Step Shower Routine for Maximum Moisture

Moisturized, glowing skin is one of our eternal goals year-round. Spring’s transitional period from chilly temperatures to heat and humidity is the perfect time for a shower routine revamp to ensure maximum hydration.  

Every in-shower step you take from the products you use to your drying technique can produce incredible results for your skin. Here, a five-step routine for the ultimate in moisture-drenched skin.  

Start clean

Though soft skin can be traced back to how much water you drink and the foods you eat, it continues its path in the shower. So, make sure you create the right canvas for clean skin with a safe and natural body wash that cleanses your skin without stripping it. It’s why our body cleansers are non-toxic and crafted from nourishing Provence olive oil and coconut oil.

Air or pat dry

Fabric rub and friction can affect our skin before we’ve even applied any moisturizing product. We recommend letting your skin air dry post-shower, or lightly patting it dry with your softest possible towel…preferably one made from natural fibers.

Time it out

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, we only have a few minutes to trap existing moisture in our skin post-shower. Aim to apply moisturizer to your body within 3-5 minutes post-cleanse. Set that stopwatch on your phone. 

Determine what your skin needs

For moisture with radiance:

Our do-it-all dry oil is feather-light and blended with lush oils and extracts including macadamia nut, argan, honey, and so much more. Apply the fast-absorbing, orange blossom-scented oil all over your skin and prepare for that sun-kissed glow year-round.

For a classic, smooth, and soft finish:

Our velvety body cream is lightweight, but great for intensive care — crafted from Provence olive squalane, shea butter, and sweet almond extract. Spread it all over your body and watch how the natural ingredients quickly absorb.

For maximum hydration, layer it on

Once temperatures drop and inclement weather sets in, it’s more important than ever to go full-force with the moisturizing to ward off dry, cracked skin. That’s why we’re all for layering on our body cream and dry oil for a double dose of hydration. We suggest applying our body cream a minute or two post-shower, and then sealing it all in with the dry oil.