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Verveine du Sud: Inspired by the waters of the bastide

The first in a new collection of light, fresh fragrances that capture the special, intimate moments that surround water in Aix-en-Provence, we present Verveine du Sud.

The perfect summer scent for men and women, Verveine du Sud features sparkling and invigorating bursts of Italian lemon, fresh verbena leaves, and crisp amber. 

For Verveine du Sud’s creation, we looked to the waters that surround our co-founder’s bastide for inspiration. Fresh water comes down from Mount Saint Victoire and fills the basin and the pool, waters the garden and the plants, including the verbena plants, which are used for tea on summer nights after dinner. Verveine du Sud captures that exact moment in an aromatic fragrance experience – the invigorating verbena, the fresh citrus, and the comforting tea.

In addition to being the core inspiration behind this new collection of crisp, transporting scents, water has a very special place in the Bastide story. In fact, water is so integral to life in Provence, that the city is decorated with hundreds of fountains. The Romans even settled the area because of the healing quality of the water, thus Aix was given the name “Aquae Sextiae,” which is found on all of our product packaging. The ingredients we use in our fragrances also come from the rich environment of the region, which are all nurtured by one profound element: water.