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Article: What We’re Gifting Our Dads for Father’s Day

What We’re Gifting Our Dads for Father’s Day

What We’re Gifting Our Dads for Father’s Day

His humor provokes marathons of laughter, his advice is practical yet personal, and his love and support is unwavering. For all those reasons and more, he’s deserving of a thoughtful Father’s Day gift from the heart. That’s where we come in. To help you find the perfect present for the dear old dad in your life, our team is sharing what Bastide treasures they plan on gifting this year.

Olivier, CEO 

"My dad grew up in Provence and has spent his whole life around nature, botanicals, and plants. We used to have this majestic fig tree and vegetable garden where we played hide-and-seek for hours. I want to give him a scent, Figue Amour Eau de Toilette, that reminds him of home."

Roxane, Business Intelligence & Technology Manager

"I’m gifting my dad the large Miel de Lavande Bar Soap because he’s obsessed with all things honey. He even has his own bee hive and puts honey in his coffee! Plus, this would make him smell super fresh all day."

Alexander, E-Commerce Manager

"My dad will love the Verveine du Sud because it's the perfect fragrance for warm weather. It smells clean and crisp. He lives back in Dominican Republic, so he will be able to use this fragrance all year round."

Kelly, Marketing Manager

"My dad loves the Miel de Lavande Bar Soap. Whenever I go home, he always puts in a request for "that delicious lavender soap." This is one gift I know he’ll appreciate."

Pauline, Social Media Manager

"My dad and I are alike. We always switch fragrances depending on the season. Miel de Lavande and Verveine du Sud are both summery scents. With Verveine du Sud being very fresh and crisp and Miel de Lavande being a little warmer, I think it’s the winning duo for a happy summer!"

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