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Meet Nue Au Soleil: A Beach Day Without the Travel

In the hot summer afternoon, a young woman lounges on the beach, a straw hat shadowing her face.

The coast is deserted; everyone is at home enjoying a respite from the heat. Taking one more look, she slips the straps of her dress down her shoulders. The sun beams down on her naked skin, filling her with an exhilarating glee.

This is the moment Nue Au Soleil creates: in one single spritz. It is the South of France, bottled. And anyone who frequents le Midi knows it’s not just a vacation destination, but a way of life—the glamour of Cannes, the effortless beauty of Brigitte Bardot frolicking on the beaches of Saint-Tropez, Michelin-starred restaurants.

We wanted to create a scent that calls forth the allure and enchantment of the places we love, in just one spray.

Lively notes of bergamot and juicy mandarin give you that quintessential French Riviera smell, while geranium’s rose-like smell is perfect for all-day freshness.

It feels like a beach day, without the travel. We love to spray the fragrance on for a day filled with brunch with friends, some shopping, a jaunt to our favorite museum…and especially during those seemingly-endless, special summer nights. 

So just close your eyes and instantly transport to the Mediterranean seaside.