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A Look Inside Shirin's Daily Skincare Routine

From morning facial massages to double cleansing essentials.

My dear friend and beauty expert Clémence von Mueffling once told me to treat my skin the same way I’d treat a silk shirt. Would you vigorously scrub down a silk blouse with harsh, drying chemicals? Probably not.

That piece of wisdom (plus countless other beauty lessons I learned in Provence) totally flipped my skincare routine upside-down. The change was very good.

Because skincare is a hot topic around here (We just launched our first skincare collection!), I decided to breakdown my entire morning and evening routine, and share a few of my favorite tips.

In the Morning...

In the mornings, I’m getting the kids ready for school and also organizing my day, so I have to be quick!

I wash my face, usually with micellar water and 100% muslin cloth pads. They don’t leave any pieces of fluff on the eyes or lashes.

Then, I take the Biologique Recherche P50 with a muslin pad and pat it all over my face and lips to gently exfoliate, and follow up with lip balm.

After that, I immediately put on our new nourishing face and décolleté oil, Elixir II.

I usually give myself a quick facial massage to get the circulation going. 

Then, I put on an under-eye cream and tap it around the top of my eyes, too. If I’m heading outside for the day, I finish off with some sunscreen.

In the Evening...

At night, I always begin by taking off any mascara that I can with just my hands and warm water. Then, I always double cleanse.

I take another muslin pad with micellar water and take the rest of the makeup off my eyes and face. Next, I cleanse with the Biologique Recherche Cleansing Milk and wash it off with cold water. Tip: It helps with circulation and skin rejuvenation.

If I need a little skin detox, I’ll apply our purifying clay mask, Beauté d’Argile. It offers a subtle, soft exfoliation and doesn’t dry out the skin like many clay masks.

Then, I usually break out the Biologique Recherche P50 again, finish off with a moisturizer and lip balm, and then head to bed!