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Nostalgia, Bottled: Introducing 1958

Trends and of-the-moment destinations come and go in beauty, but Aix-en-Provence has and will always be a part of Bastide’s DNA.

And for our latest fragrance, we looked again to the healing, beautiful waters of Provence and the effervescent, memory-evoking scents that fill the air.

1958 is their fresh and earthy embodiment, brimming with effervescent notes of bergamot, juicy mandarin, aromatic rosemary, and lavender.

Named for the year our co-founder Frédéric was born, the fragrance is nostalgic yet modern — best worn on the days when you’re feeling sentimental for some of the happiest days of your life, when summer seemed like it would never end.

The scent captures the scene of close friends enjoying a relaxed hometown cruise in a vintage car.

He smiles as he turns up the volume of the radio and exchanges anecdotes about shared summers of the past.

As they carefully drive down twisty little roads, the wind blowing in their hair through the open roof, they inhale the many glorious scents of Provence. It’s their only plan for the day, and it’s more than enough.

 Fresh & earthy with a calming familiarity — 1958 is already a classic.