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Article: Eating Seasonally the Provencal Way

Fruits and vegetables at a Provencal Market from Bastide

Eating Seasonally the Provencal Way

Eating seasonally and within reason has always been in the core of the Provencal lifestyle. This practice allows us to enjoy food’s best possible taste and nutrition while respecting its natural cycle, also assuring that we get the most high quality local produce. We're excited to share our guide to seasonal, fall eating - full of delicious produce you can eat without worrying about moderation!

Clementines, persimmons and pomegranates are on the top of our list.  Try a chia bowl with almond milk in the morning sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, persimmons and clementines with a touch of maple syrup!  This colorful breakfast is full of beneficial nutrients, a treat for the eyes and for our bodies.

Cherries at a Provencal Market from Bastide

While we’re on the topic of fruit, there are also mangoes and all the different varieties of apples and pears harvest this season, so your pie and cake game can really step it up a notch.  Mix in some chestnuts to make it feel even more like autumn! 

In the potager (our vegetable garden), endives are a perfect snack when you have the munchies.  Garnish them with a bit of soft cheese or braise them with orange zest and a few roasted hazelnuts. 

Endives with Blue cheese and walnuts

Butternut squash soup is always classic for the fall season and for good reason - It’s very comforting and so easy to prepare.  We prefer it with a little bit of coconut milk and coriander. 

Celery and artichokes are our favorites for winter purées!  The flavors are so rich and bountiful, you might even get meat lovers asking for seconds!  Did we also mention that artichokes can even double as table decor?

Bastide Figue d'été Natural Soap by Curious Provence

Many of our products are inspired by the foods we eat, like the Figue d'ete soaps (made with olive oil, which we just harvested this month) and the Fleurs d'Oranger hand cream (made with lavender honey).  We believe wholeheartedly that what we put in our body is just as important, if not more so, than what we put on our body and skin.  Our commitment to non-toxic, clean living runs deep, and we hope you will join us in this pursuit of #laviebastide.

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