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Article: 6 Uses for Lavender to Feel at Your Best

6 Uses for Lavender to Feel at Your Best

6 Uses for Lavender to Feel at Your Best

One rarely thinks of Provence without dreaming of lavender. It embodies both the unique ambiance of the Mediterranean with the warmth of the sun. Lavender has been cultivated locally for generations and is celebrated not only for its soothing fragrance, but for its medicinal benefits as well. Beyond the dried lavender you see often as decor, here are 6 ways to use lavender in your daily routine to stay happy and relaxed:

Scent your laundry

Fill a canvas bag with dried lavender and keep it in your closet to infuse your clothes with its warm scent that evokes the sumptuous climate of the Mediterranean.

Relax your mind

Looking to relax and unwind? Put a drop of lavender essential oil into your bath, use lavender-based bath salts, or lather up with Bastide’s Miel de Lavande Body Wash in the shower. Lavender contains linalol, which helps ease anxiety. 

 Bastide Miel de Lavande Body Wash

Enliven your taste buds

Lavender is as delicious as it is fragrant. Incorporate dried lavender in your recipes to make such delectable treats as lavender ice cream, fried apricots with lavender, or crème brûlée. You can also sweeten your tea with lavender honey.

Indulge in a most excellent massage

There’s nothing quite like a soothing massage to relax your muscles and calm your spirit. Warm a few drops of lavender essential oil in the palm of your hands before a head massage for truly restorative results. Lavender essential oil is also recommended to ease muscle pain, as it has anti-inflammatory benefits. For a totally relaxing experience, light the Bastide Lavender Honey Candle, to fill the room with a sweetly soothing scent.

Bastide Miel de Lavande Candle

Indulge in lavender oil from head to toe

Lavender is the secret to touchably soft skin. It offers a wealth of skin-loving benefits, helping to restore and heal while softening. Generously apply Bastide’s Lavender Honey Hand and Body Lotion all over to calm dryness and promote healthier, more supple and radiant skin – it’s enriched with Provence honey for an indulgently smooth sensation.

Lavender’s holistic benefits

Lavender offers a plethora of holistic benefits. For example, applying a few drops of lavender oil to the temples can calm headaches. Struggling with bug bites? Lavender acts as an antiseptic to instantly relieve and heal, which makes it ideal for sunburns as well. When infused in water, lavender can also offer antispasmodic benefits.


Any more tips on how you love to use lavender?  Share with us by dropping a note to bonjour [at] or send us a message on our Instagram @BastideOfficial.  We are already planning to harvest lavender from our founders' bastide in Aix next summer and would love to extend an invite to lavender fans!

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