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Article: Rose Olivier - A Love Story

Rose Olivier - A Love Story

Rose Olivier - A Love Story

With every great product comes a compelling story of how it came to be...

Picture the majestic olive tree, known for its virility and nobleness, standing tall and confident in boundless land. Across comes the blooming rose bush of enchanting and rare beauty, with its entire entity wrapping around the olive tree’s trunk and branches - making it a passionate and captivating love story. The pair grow together symbiotically; supporting each other when needed and sharing unforgettable moments.  By fate, these two polar opposites manage to intertwine together - creating an unforeseen and unique combination. Their fragrances interlace, resulting in an alluring aroma and a memorable sight. It is in fact true that opposites attract.

Rose Olivier

With its exciting origins and one-of-a-kind love story, fans from all around the world have also fallen in love with our Rose Olivier scent.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

“This is, hands down, the best shower gel I’ve ever tried in my life. [...] When I used it in the shower, I closed my eyes and for a moment I felt like I was showering outside, amongst the rose bushes. This shower gel is truly that transformative. [...] if you want to pamper yourself with a fancy body wash, this is THE ONE. “ - Hello Giggles

Bastide Rose Olivier Perfume

“Local artisans and ingredients keep the enterprise’s heritage and tradition intact, and the refreshed packaging introduces a bit of modern Provence, transporting you to a place of golden beauty.” - Vanity Fair   "Everything in the Bastide line is harvested in Provence, free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and silicone, and made by local craftpeople with multigenerational experience in hand pouring olive…” - Vogue

Bastide Rose Olivier Perfume on Olive Tree

“The farthest place we source from is Grasse, two hours away" says Fekkai, where “the real scents of Provence” that infuse his products are perfected, Like Rose Olivier, a woodsy floral.” - Vogue 


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