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Figue D'Ete Potpourri Refresher Oil

  • Figue D'Ete Potpourri Recharge

Figue D'Ete Potpourri Refresher Oil


A pure oil to refresh your Figue d’Ete Potpourri Scented Crystals. To revitalize the scent of your Bastide Figue d’Ete Potpourri Scented Crystals, add a few drops of the Figue d’Ete Refresher Oil to crystals to infuse your home with the fresh and woody scent. This aroma features notes of sweet cassis, white cyclamen petals and crisp green fig leaf.


Each bottle will refresh a 700g box of potpourri 2-4 times, depending on dosage.

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Provence Figs

Provence is home to over 75% of France's figs. Said to have its "head in the sun, and feet in the water," Provence figs are violet in color and sweet in taste. The sweetness of the fig and the fresh green scent of its leaves fill the the summer air in Provence, between the months of August and October.

quintessential artisanal beauty

Rooted in Aix-en-Provence. Nurtured with pleasure, water, and sun.

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