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Behind the Making of Our Scented Crystals

The wisdom and appreciation for craftsmanship gained from visiting Mr. Dulobthe long standing maker of our Bastide scented crystalsin his workshop and atelier is unmatched. 

He has been making Bastide's modern and coveted version of potpourri for 25 years now, ever since the days of Côté Bastide. The fragrant delights are made from the sap of a variety of the Senegalese acacia tree, which are incised twice a year to collect the precious resin which dries and solidifies in the open air. The resin obtained has a rich history: used since antiquity for its golden color, especially in inks and artists’ paints. The resin then richly absorbs our fragrances.

Mr. Dulon is committed to selecting the best raw materials and has integrated sustainability into his business approach—managing production upstream, by organizing the planting of additional acacias in Senegal to ensure the conservation of forests.

"I offer products that come from the plant world, so it is important for me to protect nature and design products that are respectful of our beautiful environment," he explains.

"Sustainable developmentthat's what I'm trying to cultivate," he says. He adds, "Thanks to my job, I travel a lot in Africa and I am always struck by the hospitality and the generosity of the people I meet there. It is the part of my work that makes me happiest."

Côté Bastide heritage amber potpourri crystals Ambre d'Or

Mr. Dulon draws his inspiration from his travels, but always ends up returning to his native Provence. "Here, there is a beautiful harmony of colors and forms, which we, as people, have a duty to maintain. In Provence, villages, fields, alleys, bell towers are human-sized. You have to be careful to preserve them because they create the charm of the region."

He adds, "I shall never tire of the climate, the brilliant luminosity, the colors, and the beauty of the Provencal landscapes. I like to surround myself with beauty and goodness, so when I admire the beautiful landscapes of Provence, I feel they nourish me and put me in a good mood."

Bastide Potpourri Amber Crystals Made in Provence

For the relaunch of Bastide, the Ambre d'Or scented crystalsthe best sellers of our Heritage collection passed down from Côté Bastidewas given a small makeover. Now nestled in its new home - a "pink Bastide” box, this potpourri has been a classic in homes around the world for 25 years. Its crystals can now bring a warm and refined touch to your home.

We adore our Beautisans!