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Five Things You May Not Know About Bastide


  1. At Bastide, we create all of our products in accordance with our Blacklist – a list of over 30 ingredients that we would never use in our products. You’ll never find ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates or silicones in our formulas. Our products are also gluten and GMO free, and we never test on animals - only on ourselves and our loved ones.
  2. Bastide was originally founded over 25 years ago as Côté Bastide in the South of France. We re-launched in 2016 with all-clean formulas and a new philosophy to reflect the modern spirit of Provence yet respecting the traditions and the terroir of the region. You can read more about our heritage here
  3. Every great product has a captivating story behind it. All of our products are inspired by a specific moment in Provence. Take Rose Olivier, for example: our best-selling scent is influenced by the beautiful love story between rose bushes wrapped around olive trees, a familiar sight in the south of France. Figue Amour was inspired by co-founder Shirin’s memories of her children picking fresh figs in the hot summer sun. 
  4. Our co-founder Frédéric Fekkai grew up across the street from our flagship store in Aix-en-Provence. Visit our store on 14 Rue Espariat to experience all things Bastide.
  5. Nurturing the terroir which has given so much to our brand is of utmost importance to Bastide. Every year, we donate to Flowers for Bees, “Des Fleurs Pour Les Abeilles,” to help re-pollinate the honey flowers. This is necessary to help regenerate dwindling bee colonies, and preserve the environment for future generations. 

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