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Beauty as Nature Intended

Skincare powered by French botanicals

How It All Started

To create our first skincare collection, I looked to the rich terrain and age-old beauty philosophies of Provence as inspiration.

It was in Provence that local skincare gurus and dear friends taught me how to uncomplicate my overcrowded daily routine and nourish my skin in a gentle, caring way.

I discovered that nature provides us with the fresh, clean, and safe ingredients we need to keep our skin radiant and healthy.

I bottled up all of this loving advice into two skincare essentials: a luxurious dual-action facial oil and a purifying clay mask. I hope each product helps you to carve out a slow, calming moment in your day to nourish your skin and your soul.

With love, Shirin

Treat Yourself (And Your Skin) To The Luxury of Time

Bastide believes in taking breaks - to tend to your soul, to listen to your body, to care for your skin. Our products allow you to carve out a special moment in your day for self-care through skincare. Take a few minutes and give yourself a rejuvenating facial massage with our hydrating facial oil, or detox your pores with our purifying clay mask. Define your slow beauty secret.