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The Story Behind Lavande in Love

"The inspiration comes from the lavender fields around our bastide in Aix-en-Provence. Our fragrance is a combination of their natural organic beauty infused with the magnetism and intensity that comes from being madly in love. Vibrant and soothing. Natural and seductive. Perfectly imperfect." - Shirin, co-founder of Bastide
Discover the Fragrance


The alchemy behind our new scent.

French Lavender Harvested in Provence in July and August, the herbaceous and often fruity oil of this flowering plant is extracted from its flowers, twigs, and branches. 

Clary Sage Extracted from the flower tops of this herbaceous perennial, the essential oil of clary sage has a unique olfactive profile of green herbs, tea and tobacco-like notes. 

Rosemary Harvested in southern France in May and June, the fresh yet powerful oil of this woody, perennial herb is extracted from its twigs, branches, and flowering tops.