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Article: Your Guide to Dry Oil

How to use dry oil

Your Guide to Dry Oil

What is dry oil?

Incorporating oils into your beauty routine is increasingly popular among clean beauty aficionados. It’s no wonder, considering oils are full of skin-loving ingredients. When most people think of oil, they think of a thick formula that can leave skin feeling greasy.

Enter dry oil: the answer to all of your oil concerns. Unlike regular oils, dry oils are super-light and instantly absorbed. Bastide’s Huile Sèche Epatante Dry Oil Mist is a feather-light mist that delicately disperses the product onto your skin, making it super easy to apply and absorb. When searching for a dry oil, look for plant-based ingredients that regenerate and heal the skin. Sunflower, grapeseed and sweet almond oils found in our Dry Oil Mist act as carrier-oils that allow for penetration of antioxidants while creating a layer of protection on the skin. 

How can I incorporate dry oil into my routine? 

The last step in your shower routine

The simplest way to use dry oil is to simply apply after bathing while skin is still damp. We tend to use 2-4 sprays per body part to make sure our whole body gets to benefit from this goodness. Unlike traditional moisturizers that sit on top your skin, our dry oil absorbs instantly - there’s no waiting around to put your clothes on. Skin is left soft and silky, never greasy. It’s truly the most luxurious way to finish off a hot shower or a long bath. 

Bastide Huile Seche Dry Oil Mist

A little goes a long way

We formulated Huile Sèche against the standards of a face oil, so it won’t cause your skin to break out. Take any left over oil in hands and massage it along the high points of your face to add a little South of France glow to your cheeks. You can even smooth any oil left on hands into your hair for nourished and shiny locks. Don’t be surprised when people start asking how your vacation was...

Vacation glow using Bastide Dry Oil

A dry brush a day keeps the dry skin away 

Dry oil + dry brushing = a match made in detox heaven. Dry brushing on its own is full of benefits, including stimulating the lymphatic system, detoxifying the body and invigorating the skin, so combining the two makes it the ultimate self-care ritual. First, add three sprays of dry oil on to your skin. Starting from the bottom of your legs, sweep your brush in an upward motion. Move the brush along each body part, always brushing towards your heart. Follow with a warm shower (and a little more dry oil if you wish!). You’ll notice an instant radiance and luminous quality about your skin. 

Benefits of dry brushing with dry oil


While oils have tons of benefits for the body, they can also be therapeutic for the mind and spirit. The beautiful Fleurs d’Oranger (orange blossom) aroma found in our Dry Oil evokes feelings of both relaxation and indulgence. In Provence the ingredient is known for its soothing and calming properties. While using dry oil is an indulgent experience on its own, its effects can help calm, relax and detoxify your body as the oil sinks into the skin. Double the benefits - what more could you ask for?

Delicious Orange Blossom Oil in Bastide Dry Oil Mist

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