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Article: Petit Déjeuner Provençal in New York

Petit Déjeuner Provençal in New York

Petit Déjeuner Provençal in New York

In early May, we invited a select group of New York editors to celebrate #LaVieBastide! Our friends Benjamin and Elysa at Maman in Tribeca put together a beautiful “petit-déjeuner Provençal” and everyone had the chance to sample french patisseries while Frederic and Shirin spoke about their experiences in Provence and the making of Bastide.

Bastide is not just a brand, Bastide products are not just products, they each have their own story. Behind every product, every ingredient, every smell there is a story that will take you right back to Provence, its artisans and savoir-faire. And who else but Frederic and Shirin to tell these special stories!

Products Ambre Soir from Bastide Collection, hand creams, potpourri and soap


Our guests were invigorated by the floral smells of Provence:  amber notes, Neroli scents and warm honey & lavender while discovering Bastide products dispersed within flower arrangements.

Rose Olivier Eau de toilette at maman Breakfast

 One of our favorite moments was listening to Shirin tell about the inspiration for the Rose Olivier fragrance:

“Frédéric was in Grasse, which is where we make our fragrances, and he saw an olive tree that was in bloom and he said ‘This is so crazy, why does this olive tree have the most beautiful flowers in it?’ The man he was with explained that sometimes in the South of France, rarely, but it happens, a rose bush falls in love with an olive tree and grows into the olive tree and blooms throughout the tree. It’s like the ultimate love story. They stay together for the rest of their lives and they live symbiotically. They actually strengthen each other. The rose is feminine. The olive is the masculine and the fragrance, it’s a really beautiful combination.”

Not only did our guests enjoy a sneak-peek of our new products that are soon to be available on our website, including our Fleurs d’Oranger hand cream, but they left with an amazing goody bag full of products ranging from our Eau de Toilette (Rose Olivier, Neroli Lumiere or Ambre Maquis) to our liquid hand soap and our rich and hand & body lotion (Ambre Soir, Miel de Lavande & Figue d’été).

Fleurs d'oranger hand creme

This event was truly an awakening of all the senses with the beautiful the colors of the products and flowers, the invigorating smell of our fragrances and the delicious food Maman had prepared for us.

We were so pleased to have shared this moment with our guests and cannot wait for the many more gatherings to come.


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