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Shirin's Picks: Tips for Fighting Jetlag

When you are traveling, you often get overwhelmed by the travel itself and the jetlag that comes with it. We all have our little tips and tricks to feel our best even when traveling. Shirin, our co-founder, shares some of her tips to fight jetlag and fatigue as she travels between France and the US.

I took my first flight alone with my 5 years old brother when I was 4 years old from Teheran, Iran to Frankfurt, Germany and we drove our stewardess so crazy that she abandoned us in the Frankfurt international airport! I have literally been traveling my whole life so here are my thoughts on jetlag:

Don't give it too much thought
My #1 rule for fighting jet lag is not to think about it, ever! The more attention you give it the more it will mess with you. 
Shirin von Wulffen
Sleep as much as possible 
It is tempting, but try to avoid binge watching and get as much sleep as possible. Lots of water and non-salty food helps. I avoid wine but a small glass of red wine is OK.

Cleanse your skin
I like to cleanse my face and apply a light mask or spritz my face with hydrating water throughout the flight. Lip balm is a must. 

Be comfortable and relax
Wear flat shoes when you travel and generally make sure your body is as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I also siphon off some of my "Crème Intense" hand cream and massage my feet after take off. A bit of reflexology helps to wind you down before you sleep. Generally the more relaxed you can be during travel the less you will suffer from it. Letting stress get to you only heightens the impact of jet lag. The lavender scent of our Miel de Lavande hand cream is also great for relaxing.
Bastide Hand creams made in Provence
Set your phone to your destination time
I don't wear a wrist watch so when I get on the plane I set my phone to the destination time to remind me to go to sleep earlier. Ditto when I arrive and I avoid checking to see what time it is in my departure city. That only psyches you out. 

I try to do a few quick yoga stretches to get all the kinks out of my body. Downward dog, forward bends and check child's pose with side stretched are the best. 

Take a bath
A salt bath is a great way for the body to relax into the new time zone and also to get your digestion to regulate to the new rhythm. I also add our Huile d'Aix bath oil for extra hydration and the orange blossom scent.

Bastide Bath Oil and Bath Salts - Orange blossom scent
Take in the natural sunlight
If you have the chance to get a few minutes of morning sun and fresh air or even better to walk on grass barefoot, this is a great way to "ground" yourself and to help you adapt to the new time zone. 

Shirin von Wulffen and her son
Listen to your body!
In general, try listen to and feel your body and give it what it needs. If you're feeling like dark chocolate, have some. If you need sleep then try to fit in a quick nap. If you are craving a massage then make it a priority. A bit of self love makes everyone around you happier too. 

xx Shirin