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Article: 4 Fun Ways to Re-use Your Candle Glass


4 Fun Ways to Re-use Your Candle Glass

We've all been there before. We light up our candles for that one last burn and find yourself aching over the fact that you'll have to throw out the glass. Before you pull that bold move, find 4 crafty and creative ways to re-use those glasses around your house.

"Pssst...this hand blown glass jar is full of possibilities"

1. Glasses

They're perfect for holding your fun cocktail drinks. The bubble design makes a unique detail for your guests. It's an assortment (or no assortment) ideal on an aperitif cart or in your hands.


Simply use them for your everyday beverages. Spruce up your tap water with this amber colored "cup."

2. Mini Vases

You can easily do this with artificial or real flowers. Cut the stems of your favorite flowers to the right size and place them in. Add beads to the bottom for more weight and a better placement. Instantly adds a freshness to your home.

Rue-use your Bastide candle pot as a flower vase

3. Holder 

Consider this object exceptionally chic to hold:

  • Your makeup brushes on your vanity.

For our makeup-junkies out there, we know brushes are essential for a smooth and flawless application. So store them efficiently using the glasses as holders. One for face brushes, one for eye brushes - the world is in your hands.

  • Your paint brushes.

For all the artists out there, we understand your struggle of owning millions of brushes. We're constantly inspired by you that we've even created our own painters roll! Build a home for your little assistants by keeping them in the glasses.

  • Supplies (we do this at our office!)

Lastly, for all the hardworking students and future-entrepreneurs - have some organization in your life. Pencils, scissors, rulers, you name it. 

Use your Bastide candle pot as a make-up brush holder

Use your Bastide candle pot as a paintbrush holder

    4. Pots for Plants

    Transfer an aloe or agave plant (with potting soil for more visibility) to symbolize the rebirth of a new life. Your plant will love it!


    Still have stubborn wax at the bottom? No worries.

    Our secret: Before reusing the glass, keep it in the freezer for four hours, then flip and gently tap the underside to knock off the wax residues.

    Just take it from our candle maker to explain to you why curating glass is practically an art form. Bastide's candle glass' are hand-blown using as many recyclable products as possible to be environmentally helpful to the world and our future. 

    Each is hand crafted with amber bubble glass, meaning you won't find two jars identically the same.

    Unique in it's formation and design, continuing using the glass around your house for an effortless but dramatic change to the environment. 


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