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  • Bastide Nue au Soleil Eau de Toilette

Nue Au Soleil Eau de Toilette Sample

  • Soul

  • Scent

  • Notes

  • Soul

    A lively, energizing scent, where notes of bergamot and mandarin intertwine with geranium petals and mate leaves for an invigorating fragrant journey.

    In the hot summer afternoon, a young woman lounges on the beach, a straw hat shadowing her face. The coast is deserted; everyone is at home enjoying a respite from the heat. Taking one more look, she slips the straps of her dress down her shoulders. The sun beams down on her naked skin, filling her with an exhilarating glee.

    2ml sample

    Made in Provence with love by our Beautisans. 

  • Scent

    Inspired by the sun-dappled waters of the Mediterranean, this scent encapsulates summer’s beauty. With just one spray, you’ll be transported to the calming, rejuvenating seaside of the South of France.

  • Notes

    Head: Bergamot, Mandarin, Petitgrain

    Heart: Mint Leaf, Geranium, Tea

    Base: Mate, Moss, Musk


quintessential artisanal beauty

Rooted in Aix-en-Provence. Nurtured with pleasure, water, and sun.

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