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Article: Up-close and Personal With Our Global CEO, Olivier Moingeon

Olivier, our global CEO

Up-close and Personal With Our Global CEO, Olivier Moingeon

A native of Aix-en-Provence, Olivier Moingeon has called New York home for almost two decades. He pivoted from a successful and well-paved career in classic French luxury houses to join a new adventure – one that took him closer to home. Olivier is the global CEO of Bastide and spends most of the year with his wife and daughter in New York, but still considers their trips back to Aix as the most nourishing to the soul. 


How did you meet Frédéric Fekkai?

It was a story born from luck and coincidence. That’s how the best stories usually start, don’t they! A common friend put us in touch and we met for lunch. As Frédéric was telling me about Bastide, we realized that we were both born and raised in Aix-en-Provence, which is also the hometown of Bastide! It was a match made in heaven and made the choice to join Bastide even more obvious.

What made you interested in switching to the beauty industry?

Multiple factors. 

1) The strong love for my hometown and my region of Provence. Also, Bastide’s headquarter is in New York, which has been my beloved home since 2003. What are the odds!

2) The conviction that there is a huge market for a modern and elevated approach to Beauty products from Provence.

3) The opportunity to have a positive impact through developing natural products, good for people and the environment. We also take pride in working with our local artisans, contributing to the growth of these family-owned businesses, some of which have operated for multiple generations.

4) Working with Frédéric and Shirin. Their creativity, innovative spirit and business acumen made it very appealing for me to help them develop Bastide and make it a cult brand.

What is your favorite memory from your childhood growing up in Aix-en-Provence?

The quality of life. I grew up right outside of Aix, in a small village in the countryside. We grew up in sync with and close to nature, picking and eating vegetables and herbs from the garden to help my mom cook. My friends and I spent entire days swimming or riding our bikes in the rolling hills around Aix. I remember endless dinners under the pine trees with family or friends. It was all very simple but the most wonderful memories.

How has social media impacted the way you approach running Bastide?

Social Media is a cornerstone of our strategy. The exercise of building a brand is very perilous because each touchpoint with the outside world poses an opportunity or a threat. The opportunity to engage on an emotional level and make the experience memorable. A threat because the smallest details, the wrong copy or inconsistent tone of voice can deteriorate the brand image. Social media has allowed us to beautifully express what Bastide stands for. It is usually the first entry into our brand and allows us to push content to a very large audience.

What is your morning beauty routine? 

My house is all about Bastide! I use the solid soaps and body washes in the shower and then apply the Corps-à-Corps Body Cream. For fragrance I alternate between the Figue Amour Eau de Toilette and our upcoming Verveine du Sud Eau de Toilette, which I get so many compliments on. I then apply a face moisturizer and off I go!

Do you have a favorite Bastide product that you just can’t live without?

My wife’s Rose Olivier Eau de Toilette fragrance. She wears it every day and I am obsessed with it. My favorite product to use is the Huile Seche Épatante Dry Oil Mist to hydrate my skin. I also use it for my daughter after her bath and one of Frederic’s tips is that you can apply it in your hair.

How do you unwind after a long day at the office?­­­

Making time for my family is the most important thing. I play with my daughter when coming back from work and then cook for the whole family, which is my daily pleasure!

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