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The Beauty That Surrounds Us

It is a lesson of wisdom and epicureanism that we took away from visiting Mr. Dulon, the long standing maker of our Bastide potpourri, in his workshop and atelier.

Mr. Dulon has been making the famous potpourri Bastide for 25 years now, ever since the days of Côté Bastide. The potpourri is made of amber gum arabic crystals, which richly absorb in the delicious and sensual fragrance of amber. The resin crystals of our potpourri come from the sap of a variety of the Senegalese acacia tree. The trees are incised twice a year to collect the precious resin which dries and solidifies in the open air. The resin obtained is an exceptional product, used since antiquity for its golden color, especially in inks and artists’ paints.

Mr. Dulon has always selected the best raw materials for his craft and has prioritized integrating sustainability into his business approach.

"I offer products that come from the plant world, so it is important for me to protect nature and design products that are respectful of our beautiful environment," he explains.

Indeed, potpourri is a simple, ecologically friendly and natural way to perfume the interiors of our homes. In addition, Mr. Dulon also manages production upstream, organizing the planting of additional acacias in Senegal to ensure the conservation of forests.

"Sustainable development, it must not be bluff, it must be real, And that's what I'm trying to cultivate," he says. Then he adds, "Thanks to my job, I travel a lot in Africa, I am always struck by the hospitality, the generosity and the smile of the people I meet there, it is a beautiful lesson of life. It is the part of my work that makes me happiest."

Côté Bastide heritage amber potpourri crystals Ambre d'Or

Mr. Dulon draws his inspiration from his travels but always ends up returning to his native Provence.

"Provence is a blessed region where it is, quite simply, very easy to be good."

Mr. Dulon is aware of the beauty that surrounds him and its fragility. "Here, there is a beautiful harmony of colors and forms, which we, as people, have a duty to maintain, by our architectural choices for example. In Provence, villages, fields, alleys, bell towers are human-sized. You have to be careful to preserve them because they create the charm of the region. Then he adds: "I shall never tire of the climate, the brilliant luminosity, the colors and the beauty of the Provencal landscapes."

Beauty. This is a resoundingly important word for our potpourri maker.

"I am very sensitive to the beauty that surrounds us. I think we end up looking like what we look at, so when you look at beautiful things, you are nourished by this beauty and you evolve."

"I like to surround myself with beauty and goodness, so when I admire the beautiful landscapes of Provence, I feel they nourish me and put me in a good mood."

Bastide Potpourri Amber Crystals Made in Provence

Mr. Dulon and Bastide – our paths together have lasted a quarter century. For the relaunch of Bastide, the potpourri Ambre d'Or – the best seller of our Heritage collection passed down from Côté Bastide - was given a small makeover. Now nestled in its new home - a "pink Bastide” box, this potpourri has been a classic in homes around the world for 25 years. Its amber crystals can now bring a warm and refined touch to your home.

We adore our Beautisans!