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Found: The Elixir for Glowing Healthy Skin

A magic potion that cures all your life woes might not exist in real life, but when it comes to boosting skin health, our new nourishing face and décolleté oil, Elixir II, comes pretty close.

Our dual-action, lightweight oil is chock full of clean, botanical ingredients sourced from the south of France. Our innovative formula is science-backed: combining smaller and larger molecular-sized oils like Abyssinian, cold-pressed pomegranate seed, hazelnut, and hemp seed to penetrate every layer of the skin with their reparative nutrients.

It also forms an antioxidant shield on your skin’s surface for all of us city dwellers who have to contend daily with pollution.

But, even the most luxurious oil is only as potent as its application.

Here, three foolproof tips for adding oil into your routine. 

Apply It on Damp Skin

When the ingredients are this good, there’s no need to wait. That’s why we like to apply oil right after we cleanse our skin, while it’s still damp. 3 to 4 drops will do the trick.

Pat to Perfection

Our elixir is precious, which is why we recommend patting instead of the massage method. Press and pat the oil into your skin in an upward motion and feel the nourishment begin.

Use as You Wish

We believe in listening to your skin’s needs. If you have dry skin and want a daily boost of moisture, pat on the oil once or twice a day, every day. Or, use it once or twice a week as an additive to your routine and watch your skin beam.

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