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Article: How Can I Make My Body Routine Clean?

Clean beauty questions answered by Bastide

How Can I Make My Body Routine Clean?

Clean beauty is constantly talked about these days. Everyone’s claiming to be natural, organic, green and good for you. What does it all mean? We break down what’s worth listening to and how you can easily incorporate clean beauty into your body routine. 

Which chemicals are bad for you? 

Beauty products often feature lengthy formula lists with hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Many brands also claim to be 100% natural. There’s a lot of buzzwords and discussion about which ingredients are harmful.

At Bastide, we are completely transparent about what - and what not - is in our products.

We formulate all of our products against a rigorous Blacklist to ensure nothing toxic touches your skin. This list includes, but is not limited to: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, silicones or GMO’s. There are over 30 banned items on the list - we scrutinize each and every ingredient and only pick the ones we would feel safe putting on ourselves and our loved ones. 
Clean beauty swaps with Bastide

That’s a lot of bad ingredients. What should I look for in my products? 

Ingredients are listed by concentration, so the first few ingredients you see will be the most potent (and the most important!). Look for clean ingredients with natural benefits, like sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, honey and rosemary extract. On the ingredient label, you should see food-grade ingredients that are naturally high in vitamins and minerals. Plant-based ingredients act as powerful carriers of antioxidants and hydration, making them the perfect alternative to chemicals. 
Rosemary extract found in Bastide Body Wash

But are natural ingredients actually effective?

In one word: Absolutely! The ingredients we use in our products have been used since the Romans were settling around the Mediterranean. Before we had modern labs and chemicals, the Romans rubbed olive oil on their skin to protect themselves from the elements. Fortunately for us, there’s been innovations in production that allow us to get the most of natural ingredients while formulating them into products that are enjoyable to use. 

All the benefits of today's most chemical-laden skincare can be achieved with natural products. 
Squalene, an emollient that helps lock in moisture, can be derived from olives. Sweet almond oil is high in antioxidants and can actually prevent UV damage, while softening your skin. Sunflower oil is chock-full of linoleic acid and vitamin E, which work to improve skin health and cell regeneration. Honey is naturally antibacterial, making it a great addition to any cleansing product. Rosemary has a potent anti-aging effect, and it also anti-inflammatory to help with healing skin blemishes. We always use the highest quality natural ingredients so you get all the advantages of going clean. 
Natural skin moisture protecting qualities in Provence olive squalene

What about fragrances? Are they bad for me?

Yes and no - it depends what the fragrance is made of. Exposure to phthalates, a common ingredient in perfumes, has been linked to endocrine disruptors, which can derail hormones and the systems they impact. Ethanol, a preservative often used in fragrance, can cause skin and lung irritation, and long-term exposure has been linked to organ damage. At Bastide, the only place you’ll find these ingredients is on our Blacklist. 
Frederic Fekkai choosing scents for the Bastide line
We only use natural and lab-safe synthetic fragrances that meet the highest EU criterion. All of the fragrances we create meet the standards of the International Fragrance Association, which sets the basis for globally accepted and recognized safe use of fragrance ingredients. We believe scent is an important part of transporting you to Provence through the use of our creams, soaps, candles and bath goods. Scent has the ability to turn a product into a truly luxurious experience that can make you stop and savor a moment, which is exactly what we intended with Bastide. 

I’m ready to go clean. What do I do next?

Bastide is committed to providing 100% non-toxic products that are naturally potent and simply luxurious, so you can enjoy without moderation. If you’re ready to start living the good (aka clean!) life, here are a few suggestions to easily incorporate clean beauty into your routine. 
Swap out your shower gel loaded with toxic glycol for our coconut and olive oil based Body Wash, available in five gorgeous scents that make showering the best time of the day. Replace hand soap filled with skin-drying sulfates for our Artisanal Hand Wash, which cleanses hands without leaving them begging for moisture. Exchange traditional body moisturizer with propylene glycol, a chemical known to cause dermatitis and sensitization, with our skin-loving Corps-à-Corps body cream. Just a few easy switches for naturally glowing skin and a healthy, happy and pampered body. 
Clean ingredients for naturally beautiful skin

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