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The Only Product You Need for Your Next Self-Care Session

Is there anything more soothing and reinvigorating to your entire life than a mask? Yes, it may only go on your face, but the feelings of relaxation and tranquility somehow find a way to spread to your entire body.

That’s the feeling we got as we were perfecting the formula for our Beauté d’Argile Purifying Clay Mineral Mask — a multi-use treatment that purifies your pores and leaves your skin looking hydrated and plump.

And this isn’t like your other clay masks because you won’t feel any tight or drying feeling whatsoever as it works its magic.

Your skin will be just gorgeously smooth and soft — never stripped.

(You can also use it for a spot treatment to get rid of any blemishes.)

Ready to maximize its benefits? Read on for our tried-and-true mask tips and what makes this product so special.

 For Your Skin…

The key to getting this mask going is by starting out with clean skin and hands. Apply a thin opaque layer so the French Roussillon red clay can begin purifying and gently exfoliating the skin.

After the mask dries, you can remove it by rinsing your skin with warm water. For a bit of extra exfoliation, use a warm, wet wash cloth.

You’ll instantly notice that your skin feels softer, smoother, detoxed, and hydrated.

But that’s not all, as we created our very own Proprietary antioxidant complex crafted from French lemon, fig, and melon extracts. Its results? An undeniable radiance to your skin because of its pure and natural alpha-hydroxy acids.

For Your Soul…

Self-care doesn’t have to be temporary – it can have long-lasting effects.

Our mask helps shield your skin against environmental pollutants, which can accelerate the aging process and produce dark spots over time.

Using our mask weekly will keep their harmful impact at bay and also helps you carve out a few minutes to do… well… absolutely nothing. Think. Read. Chill out. Close your eyes. It’s totally up to you.

*P.S. this mask dries in a pretty cool shade of pink. So, don’t forget to snap a self-care selfie while it’s on to remember that peaceful feeling. Tag @bastideofficial if the spirit moves you.

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