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Article: A Provençal Guide to Aromatherapy at Home

A Provençal Guide to Aromatherapy at Home

A Provençal Guide to Aromatherapy at Home


Over 80 years ago in 1937, the word "aromatherapy" was minted by French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé. But millennia before, essential oils and scent existed as ways to relax, soothe, and calm.

Scientifically, fragrance ventures through our body's olfactory system, more commonly known as our sense of smell. Then, it travels to our brain's limbic system which is in charge of memory and emotions. It then sets off to the hypothalamus in the brain and settles in, where hormones get released, the body's temperature is regulated, and more.

if you're thinking of trying aromatherapy out for yourself at home, here are some of our favorite ingredients and essential oils that will holistically heal your body and your bastide.



Known as l'or bleu (blue gold) in Provence, calm is promoted by the lavender plant's fragrant oils. A few whiffs of it have been proven to reduce stress, as well as deepening sleep around bedtime. We've infused the aroma in many forms into our products including our classic Miel de Lavande scent, as well as our new Lavande in Love fragrance that was inspired by Provence's magical lavender fields.


Lemons in a basket


Just as a breath in of citrus helps to kickstart your morning, so does lemon essential oil. It boosts your mood, eases stress, and gives a jolt to your immune system. You'll notice it in our Verveine du Sud fragrance in all its vibrancy and sparkling Italian lemon bursts. Spritz it on before you leave the house, or simply just because.

 Clary Sage Spray

Clary Sage

Native to the Mediterranean basin, oil from the flowering herb's buds and leaves has the kind of refreshing and clean scent that we want to smell always. That's why it's great to breathe in for an aromatherapy moment, or to use directly on your skin to soothe. It's one of the unexpected notes in our Lavande in Love and 1958 fragrances for a reason.


Our Favorite Aromatherapy Technique

Gather your favorite essential oil, add two to three drops to your palms, and rub them together to warm them. Then, make a cup shape with your hands and raise them up to just below your chin.  Take three deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Remark at how peaceful you feel.

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