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The Architecture of a Passion and a Flagship

Projects that combine the aesthetics of horizontal lines with a well-defined finality: this is what characterizes the works of Amelia Tavella. But above all it is a work of physical substance, to which she brings a sensual look, nurtured by other artistic realms. Amelia is creating the Bastide boutique’s design in the heart of Aix-en-Provence with this same poetic signature.

Architecture is above all a deeply sensory experience for Amelia. As a child, she already had a particular understanding of places; she has this sensitive awareness of space. On a constant quest for Beauty, she naturally chose this direction and founded her first agency in 2007, in Provence, before investing in Corsica, her native land, then Paris.

Provence inevitably becomes a central point that unites the contrasting lifestyles of Paris and Corsica: a duality between urbanity and naturality, necessary and fruitful oppositions for her work. Aix-en-Provence therefore represents a refuge to withdrawal and recharge, after particularly strenuous weeks of hard work.

Architect Amelia Tavella finding inspiration"Aix-en-Provence has a genuine authenticity. I assign great importance to the history of a place, its past, its essence, its soul... to all those things that give substance to the creation of a project. Provence is rich in these elements. The way the light caresses and animates the patinated stone facades of an Aixois building immediately takes my mind on a wander, to where memories and dreams combine."

Amelia's work is to capture the soul of a place and to offer it architecture that makes sense; an architecture that evokes both mind and body.

"I am very attentive to everything that touches the body." 

Amelia likes to conceive, to build, and to project.

"The most important process for me is the movement from the idea to the tangible." Her notably sensitive and poetic architecture is thus evident in her approach to Bastide; the juxtaposition of two views of a common philosophy:

to reveal raw and natural matter and beauty through the work of Man.

"First, it is a gesture of transforming an idea into drawings, into words, then handing over the baton to specialist craftsmen who will make it into a body. It is a work that takes place in many hands."

During the planning stages of the boutique’s architecture, Amelia consulted ancient works, inspired to tell a story, the story of Bastide.

"I love working with words, I work as much with words as I do with images, which for me have such a powerful evocation."

The construction of the Bastide flagship is the expression of an ethic; it reflects the search for a balance in a secret refuge. Its modern and subtle reinterpretation of the codes of Bastide and Provence leads to a strong, memorable identity. This pure and refined expression celebrates both the products as and the architecture of this new world through the savoir-faire of craftsmen as well as a sophisticated creativity.

Architect Amelia Tavella photographing

An homage to Bastide is conveyed through scents, materials, objects, colors, light. It tells a story that awakens all of the senses, notably through the subtle marriage of raw and refined materials, creating an atmosphere that encompasses the Mediterranean, Côte d'Azur, and Provence.

It is an inhabited place where one wants to reside, to make into a home.

"The house is a sensitive bodyIt is the intimate, the enveloping heat, the woody smell of the parquet floor, the crackling of the fire, the charm of the natural light filtered by white linen. Its drop shadows... An atmosphere that says a lot about itself."

Of course, we had to ask Amelia for her beauty ritual. Her answer is simple - Baths! water!

"Baths! I spend my life in a bath. My bathtub occupies a central place in my room, as does the presence of water in my life. It is certainly an echo in my island past. For me, this is an essential moment of transition with the outside world, an unchanging ritual to start and finish a day with gentleness and calm."

For Amelia, the skin is the memory of our emotions. The beauty and well-being of the body are therefore prerequisites for everything else, where time breaks free of its constraints.

We adore our Beautisans!

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