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Article: A Day with Figue Amour

Day in Provence with Figue Amour

A Day with Figue Amour

Each fragrance combines a uniquely crafted blend of top, heart, and base notes. The top notes make the first impression, potent and immediately noticeable, while the heart notes are the through line of an unforgettable scent. Last but not least, the base notes bring the finishing touch that makes the fragrance whole. In honor of our bestselling scent, let us a take you on the Bastide woman’s dream day with Figue Amour.

Provence ingredients with a twist

It’s the highlight of her morning routine; a moment of pure indulgence that brings her back to hot summer days spent lounging in the garden of her friends’ house in the South of France. Before she’s ready to step out into the world, she reaches for her bottle of Figue Amour and sprays it on her neck and wrists without pressing them together, a beauty trick she learned from her mom to preserve the fragrance. The top notes of zesty bergamot, cardamom, and juicy pink berries immediately fill the air around her, putting a bright smile on her face.

Outside, the heart notes of sweet figs and delicate violet petals progressively reveal themselves as she makes her way to a coffee date with her best friend. This olfactory journey is only just beginning, and soon enough it’s time for the base notes, a mix of creamy sandalwood, crisp wood, and musk, to join the party. The Figue Amour effect is complete.

 The day takes her all around the city: catching a modern art exhibition, popping by her favorite shops, and picking up a nice bottle of wine for dinner. She stops for a beauty touch-up along the way, running her hand through her hair, applying a swipe of lipstick, and another spray of Figue Amour (the travel size bottle never leaves her tote bag). Once again, the luscious notes dance around her in a warm embrace, making her heart beat just that little bit faster. 

a day with Figue Amour

Bastide’s fragrance tips:

  • Your fragrance should be the last accessory you put on. Make sure you don’t cover it up with your clothes so it can really shine.
  • Spray it, don’t rub it. Rubbing your wrists together may seem like a natural thing to do, but the friction could crush the notes and alter the fragrance. Always let it air dry instead.
  • Keep the bottle in a cool dark place so it stays fresher for longer. You might want to place it back in its lovely pink box after each use, or even in the fridge during the warmer months.
  • Spritz your fragrance in your hair or on your scarf for extra staying power.
  • Take your favorite scent with you no matter where you go. Our fragrances are available in a convenient travel size so they can tag along on your busy day or your next vacation. These sleek minis also make the perfect gift!

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